Ex O Fit


The Reebok Classic Ex-O-Fit find that perfect balance between vintage and modern style

It's true that the classics really do never go out of style, but sometimes they need a little bit of an update to remind us all why they're classics in the first place. The Reebok classic Ex-O-fit is specifically designed to recall a time when, as well as being known across the world for its style, it was also world-class fitness shoe. With a low-cut design that offers full freedom of movement as well as a soft EVA midsole that provides lightweight shock absorption, this update on a true classic finds the perfect balance between form and function.

Ex-O-Fit trainers take things back to basics with increased durability and comfort

One of the best things about the Ex-O-Fit is that it's every bit as at home on the streets as it is on your daily run. With durable and robust design elements like the high abrasion rubber outsole, you can be sure that this shoe can stand up to all kinds of punishment. All the while, the subtle silhouette and low-key detailing bring a sense of timeless style to your wardrobe while updating it perfectly with a sleek and sporty design.

The Ex-O-Fit brings modern comfort with vintage style to your wardrobe, what about the rest of your clothes?

Of course, if you're looking for a style that finds that perfect balance between the past and the present, you shouldn't just stop with your trainers. There are plenty of ways that you can bring the same kind of timeless style to the rest of your wardrobe. A classics trail crop top puts a fresh spin on a classic design with a relaxed, easy-going fit and an all-cotton jersey construction for maximum comfort. Even something as simple as a pair of fleece pants let you bring little touches of style thanks to the bold vector logo while the cosy fleece keeps you comfy and warm all day long.