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Reebok dance shirts to keep your muscles warm while you stay cool

Add layers to your dance wear with a Reebok dance shirt so that you can keep your muscles loose and flexible throughout your workout. This collection features a range of long-sleeved and short-sleeved dance tops in a variety of fabrics, which are designed with comfort and freedom of motion in mind. Breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics ensure that you feel cool and fresh throughout intense studio sessions. This Reebok selection offers a range of sporty and stylish looks that are perfect for travelling to and from the studio and can easily be worn both in the gym and in your day-to-day life.

Feel free to move in Reebok dance shirt

Having a full range of motion is vital if you want to optimise your performance in the dance studio and in the gym. This Reebok dance shirt collection offers a range of loose and form-fitting styles so that you can always move comfortably. Styles with fitted silhouettes allow you to focus on your line in the studio, while more casual and boxy shapes are there for when you’re determined to hit your goals and push yourself to the limit. Reebok’s use of cool and breathable fabrics means that, either way, you’ll feel free and unrestricted so that you can get the best out of any workout.

Rock a sporty style with a Reebok dance T-shirt

It's important to feel confident and motivated, whether you’re travelling to the studio or heading back to the office after a training session. This collection includes a range of graphic prints and bold colours, as well as plenty of sleek and simple designs so you can personalise your workout look. Layer with a Reebok sports bra to add a flash of sporty style to your day or pair a loose-fitting tee with Reebok training leggings to give yourself a cool and comfortable edge in class.