Dance Trainers & Shoes


Cutting-edge dance shoes for great manoeuvrability

Reebok borrowed a retro design from one of its iconic 80s models and remodelled it with innovative pivot points, creating dance shoes with a unique turn zone that will make all your movements fluid and graceful in every direction. These mid-cut and high-rise classics are constructed with platform midsoles and FuelFoam and EVA padding for sublime comfort, so you can step or stomp with confidence, as well as flexible upper soles that allow your feet fantastic manoeuvrability for lightning-fast motion. Our unique models also feature ingenious bungee heel stops as well as inventive silicone straps for additional foot support.

Dance trainers with innovative turn zones won’t tire your feet

With the futuristic turn zones on our shoes for dancing, you can reproduce complex breakdancing or hip-hop sequences and choreograph your own personalised routines. Show off to your relatives at home or bring your moves to your Zumba or dance exercise class to re-energise familiar routines with fresh techniques and changes of pace. We’ve reinforced the heels of our shoes with extra cushioning to reduce the stress on your feet during your low-impact studio workouts, and since your feet won’t tire easily, you can enjoy dancing all night long at your favourite club too.

Reebok dance trainers are trendy, light and comfortable

Our Reebok dance shoes are purpose-built trainers designed for high, medium or low intensity studio workouts, and they’re also trendy, light and comfortable shoes. Wear them to work, then enjoy an hour or two of dancing with your friends before you head home for the night. Combine them with sports bras, bodysuits, leggings and crop tops or tees for a stylish athletic or casual look. We also have sweatshirts and pants, jackets and hoodies for relaxed outerwear when you need something more substantial, as well as essential accessories like backpacks, totes, socks, hats and caps.