Dance Clothing & Dancewear


Reebok clothes for dancing let you turn up the sizzle factor

The sharp rise in the popularity of dance fitness classes over the last couple decades as a safe, refreshing alternative to weight training in the gym provided the inspiration for our collection of clothes for dancing, with stylish and exciting products you can wear at home or at the studio. Turn up the sizzle meter with sexy sports bras you can pull on or zip up. Our tights made with lightweight polyester and nylon blends hug your curves, and Speedwick fabrics keep you dry even as you set the floor ablaze.

Our dance clothes are never confining and always comfortable

The best dance clothes should never be confining, regardless of fit, so whether you like the feel of attire that fits you like a second skin or gear with a loose or relaxed cut, it’s reassuring to know that all our tops, tights and trousers are designed for your ultimate comfort when you need to take your practice or performance to the next level. Turn up the speakers at home and raise the roof wearing a crop top and mesh tights or settle for a tank top and cargo pants at the studio and let your arms, legs and torso do the talking.

Colourful dance clothing for hip-hop, trance and EDM classics

With the products from our collection of dance clothing you can create colourful, flattering outfits that will allow you to own any dancefloor you choose to step onto, whether the DJ’s flow showcases urban hip-hop and RnB standards, psychedelic trance tunes or electronic dance music classics. For raves, all-nighters and late night beach parties, the collection also includes hoodies and sweatshirts as well as jackets you can use as outerwear or for additional protection while you pump up the jam. Caps, hats and beanies are all fine accessories you can wear for an even cooler vibe when you hit the streets.