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Shorts for cycling


Spry cycling short when you require persuasive motivation

Our persuasive line-up of cycling short will provide you with just the right amount of motivation needed to get up, get out and enjoy an hour or two on your bike. Our spry collection includes nifty traditional shorts in varying lengths to suit your taste, as well as compression shorts engineered for increased performance so you can push yourself to the limit. Nylon, polyester and elastane are combined with mesh fabrics to create products that are lightweight, comfortable and durable whether you are in full training mode or taking a leisurely spin around the neighbourhood.

Our biking shorts can help improve your endurance and efficiency

Whether you ride by day or by night, our collection of biking shorts offers attractive products for men and women that will help to improve your endurance and overall fitness. This is achieved by the use of sweat-absorbing materials that keep you cool so your energy levels don’t decrease dramatically over time. Also, our products provide a superb range of motion as you pedal, which helps to increase strength and flexibility as you maximise your power and efficiency. Reflective details are used in some models to promote increased visibility and extra safety against oncoming traffic when on the streets.

All-weather bicycle shorts: always enjoy a comfortable ride

The sublime comfort and reliability of our bicycle shorts are yours to take advantage of, and as long as you’re enjoying the ride, it doesn’t matter if they are worn mid-thigh or knee-high. Consider them all-weather essentials you can use for an uninterrupted training regimen all year round and incorporate your favourites into outfits that flatter your figure. Our online store previews a superlative assortment of tops, tanks, sports bras, sweatshirts and jackets for seasonal attire options, as well as a comprehensive collection of trainers and much needed accessories to give you a leg up on your training.