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Tights for cycling


High-energy cycling tights set the pace

The Reebok collection of cycling tights showcases dazzling, full-length models made with blended nylon, polyester and elastane materials that are available in printed, panelled or colourblock versions. Also included are form-fitting capris, knee-length and mid-thigh shorts featuring a similar construction with low, mid and high-rise waist for a customised fit and elastic hems that stay in place no matter how long you pedal. Most of our tights are endowed with Speedwick sweat-reducing fabrics for endless hours of long-lasting comfort and protection. When you need versatile, high-energy attire that combines strong aesthetics with durability while you’re in motion, our products clearly set the pace.

Cycling leggings for your level of fitness

Several models of our cycling leggings appear in additional sizes and petite options to cater to the variety of the feminine form, as well as to appeal to a wider customer base. At the gym, on the road or in the comfort of your own home, you can look and feel like a world-class cyclist as you work on achieving your personal fitness goals. Don’t take our word for it: select a pair, get your bike and spend an hour around your local streets or join a spin class at the gym to test the comfort and reliability of our products for yourself.

Reebok tights for cycling lead the pack

At our online boutique, you can find a few Reebok tights for cycling that are part of a matching set, but be sure to browse the assortment of sports bras, tank tops and t-shirts in our apparel section for sizzling options so you can mix and pair items to create your own ideal outfits fit for chasing the pack. Include a few necessities such as gloves, headwear and water bottles to provide protection and hydration so that you can stay the course and locate the optimal pair of footwear to help power your performance when you desire to take the lead.