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Take your workout to the pool with Reebok CrossFit swimwear

When your regular training session just isn’t enough and you want to take it to the next level, head to the swimming pool for a fitness session, and do so confidently with this selection of Reebok CrossFit swimwear. With styles available for both men and women, these swimsuits will provide all the support you need while you’re pushing to achieve your very best in the water. From swim boxers and shorts for men, which are available in both loose and fitted formats, to a selection of women’s swimwear, which includes both swimsuits and bikinis, there’s a style that suits every preference in this collection.

Reebok swimwear with 360 degrees of support for CrossFit lovers

One of the most important aspects of swimwear for training is its ability to give your muscles superior support and aid them with every movement you make. This is achieved through the use of adequate fabric with a four-way stretch, which gives you enough leeway to turn in every direction while controlling your movements to protect your muscles. Having an appropriate cut with enough coverage is of utmost importance as it provides you with the ability to keep training in confidence, but small details are as important, such as the presence of an elastic around the waist of men’s shorts or in women’s bikini tops.

Colours and styles of CrossFit swimwear to suit all preferences

Not only do these styles of swimwear offer the support you need while exercising, they have also been treated to last longer and protect your skin against chlorine. For additional support, look for a Reebok swimming cap that will keep your hair out of the way, a pair of Reebok sandals that you can wear around the pool and a Reebok towel, which will keep you dry and safe from moisture after your training.