CrossFit Shorts


Get serious about your workout attire with CrossFit shorts

Getting serious about your CrossFit regimen involves a positive mental attitude regarding your training and your choice of workout attire, so to help you out, Reebok has compiled a selection of CrossFit shorts for men and women to help get you ready for the rigours ahead. Reebok CrossFit Epic Base shorts for men is cut loose for increased freedom of movement and made with materials that absorb moisture on the inside while repelling it on the outside. For women, the Reebok CrossFit Chase Shortie shorts is a popular model designed to allow for flexible range of motion without riding up for maximum comfort.

Reebok CrossFit shorts are stylishly functional

Reebok CrossFit shorts for women come in two basic styles, both of which are stylishly functional according to your preference and need. Snug fitting models like the CrossFit Chase Shortie shorts can be used for stretching, yoga and other light training routines or for weight training, especially squats and leg exercises, while loose fitting models are more geared for running , walking and biking. On the men’s side, any one of the models can be used for any sort of activity, whether it’s driving the lane on the basketball court or aiming for maximum repetitions on the gym floor.

CrossFit shorts UK available in bold, exciting colours

The bold colour schemes that adorn our selection of CrossFit shorts afford you great flexibility when assembling outfits that reflect the serious approach you bring to your training schedule. The Reebok CrossFit Games ACTIVCHILL series of tees and tank tops come in a complementary range of solid colours for both sexes while Training Essentials and Workout Ready offer fleeced sweatpants and shirts for women and men that can be worn as outerwear or for workouts during the cold months of the year. Match them with a pair of Classics Foundation Unisex No-show socks and Reebok Nano 9 shoes and signal your readiness to get on with it.