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CrossFit • Gloves

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Support your hands with Reebok weightlifting gloves

If your workout is intense and you want to go the full mile, it’s imperative to have gear that supports you and your body throughout. Reebok has designed bespoke weightlifting gloves that provide you with ample flexibility and mobility whilst protecting your most vulnerable parts. Available for both women and men, our gloves feature added inserts in highly affected areas to heighten durability and give you a loyal gym companion for many years. Designed with an elegant cut and simple colours, the gloves blend in to all workout outfits.

Experience enhanced durability and more grip with our training gloves

When lifting weights, a good grip is your most important asset. That’s why our gloves are made from moisture-wicking material to prevent them slipping off. In order to keep not only the weights but also your hands dry, palm perforations provide extra airflow for more breathability and less sweating. The blend of nylon and polyurethane makes the gloves stretchable to establish perfect mobility and a full range of motion. Designed to support CrossFit athletes, the gloves are still multi-purpose and can be used to protect your palms and fingers in other sports as well. Added Velcro fasteners at the wrists ensure an optimal fit and prevent the gloves from slipping off.

Finish your CrossFit style with Reebok workout gear

Be perfectly dressed from head to toe with Reebok’s CrossFit line, including our tailored training gloves. To help your body during an intense weightlifting workout, pair up your gloves with Reebok’s CrossFit Lifting Belt to support your back by stabilising your core. Our Legacy Lifter shoe line provides your feet with the perfect heel-to-toe ratio to optimise squatting. With a wrap-around upper, this shoe also gives your foot a firm and locked-down feeling. Breathability is provided by mesh applications. Moisture-wicking fabric is also employed in our Compression Knee socks for even more support for your legs as you sweat through your intervals.