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Gear up your workout with Reebok’s CrossFit equipment

Any CrossFit WOD requires a great deal from your body, and to give optimal support and protect your most vulnerable areas we offer a range of CrossFit-inspired equipment. Make sure you enjoy maximum assistance when sweating through the most exhausting CrossFit trainings. Battle roping is just one among many exercises that put great strain on your muscles and joints, especially the wrists, but with Reebok’s CrossFit wrist wraps you can prevent injuries more effectively. Weightlifting is also a crucial part of any proper CrossFit workout and additional support from our lifting straps can take your workout to new levels.

Our CrossFit gadgets give maximum support with style

When it comes to equipment for such high-intensity workouts as CrossFit, durability and stability are key features you don’t want to miss. Our equipment for CrossFit includes lifting straps, which are made from polyester with tough stitching to reduce fabric fatigue and ensure long durability. Aside from support, comfort is also imperative in perfected sports gear. Our weightlifting straps feature a soft lining around the wrists to avoid chafing and make sure your hands don’t slip out. To further protect your wrists during workouts and prevent injuries, Reebok’s wrist wraps have an elastic thumbhole to hold them in place and sport hook-and-loop closures to secure the band tightly around your hand.

Match Reebok’s CrossFit gear with our broad assortment of sports clothes

We employ the best technology in our CrossFit gear, knowing how durable and resilient you need it to be. Like Reebok’s CrossFit equipment, our clothes give you ultimate support and comfort while you’re working out, employing sweat-wicking fabric or MyoKnit technology. Women can experience perfect support with Reebok’s MyoKnit bras, specifically designed for hardcore CrossFit WODs. Some of the bras have meshed areas for more ventilation to keep you dry. To carry your CrossFit gear from home to the gym and back, opt for our broad range of CrossFit fitness bags and rucksacks to fit everything in easily.