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Men Cross Training Green United By Fitness Perforated T-ShirtMen Cross Training Green United By Fitness Perforated T-Shirt

United By Fitness Perforated T-Shirt

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High intensity cross training T-shirts

Our cross training T-shirts are much more than your average training tee. They’re packed with high-performance Reebok technology, so that you can extract maximum benefit from each and every session. They’re designed for high intensity training and have a slim fit, made from 100% polyester or polyester combined with nylon and elastane for a stretchy athletic fit. These cross training tees are seamless to avoid any chance of chafing, and the fabric is made to absorb moisture and evaporate it quickly, thanks to the speedwick technology in the fabric. Some feature side slits for improved ventilation, helping to prevent heat build-up. The overall effect is to help keep you cool and dry and allow your skin to breathe while you train.

Stay fresh with our cross training tees

Sweat build-up is the enemy of high intensity training. Our cross training T-shirts help to eliminate this effect; it prevents sweat pooling in any specific areas that can lead to irritation and clamminess. They do this by directing sweat away from these areas we’ve identified in our research and manufacturing, towards areas where it can easily evaporate, especially if there’s a breeze. This helps to cool you down all over as a further benefit. The athletic fit of our stretchy T-shirts imparts a mild compression effect, giving a supportive feeling while you train, particularly in the core area.

Much more than just cross training shirts

You can create a complete cross training outfit by combining our T-shirts with our equally as highly engineered cross training shorts and leggings. These share the same sweat dispensing and supportive properties, and can be had in matching sets or chosen separately. Add a long-sleeved top or a warm-up tracksuit and you’re almost set. All that’s left is to choose a pair of our famous high-performance trainers, for cushioned, high-impact protection; and grab a pair of training socks to go with them.