Shoes for Cross Training

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Give your feet full support with cross training shoes by Reebok

A good pair of shoes is one of the most important parts of any cross training session, as it gives you the ability to push yourself even further knowing your feet have full support. Built with a textile upper for added flexibility, this Reebok selection of cross training shoes has low cut styles that give you full control of your movements and colours to suit your personality whether you prefer a more discreet and classic style or a more colourful pair of shoes that will be the star of the outfit.

The latest technologies create the best cross training shoes

No element is left to chance in this selection of cross training Reebok shoes, as every part is carefully designed using the latest technologies to give you the best support. Comfort on the inside of your shoe begins with the use of cushioning such as Boost, which will help you make the most of your energy, while a sockliner with anti-microbial properties will help you keep that fresh feeling, even when training intensifies. When it comes to the outside construction of the shoes, choose a lace closure if you want optimal control over how they fit, so you can feel at your most comfortable when training, while a pair with a rubber outsole will give you optimal grip and the confidence to keep moving with your training.

Style up your shoes with the rest of your outfit

Once you have picked your favourite pair of cross training shoes, complement them with a matching outfit from the Reebok range, such as a t-shirt and a pair of trousers or shorts, then add some helpful accessories, like a Reebok water bottle to help keep your hydration levels up or a pair of socks that will help optimise your protection by adding to your foot comfort.