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Cross training accessories to support your every effort

To get the most out of a high-intensity fitness activity like this, we offer cross training accessories that you’ll come to depend on during your sessions. Our cross training hand grips are particularly popular with serious athletes. They’re made from anti-slip polyurethane imitation leather, with hook-and-loop closures to secure them to your wrists and allow you to adjust to get the balance between comfort and support. They’re even infused with our advanced sweat-wicking technology, to prevent perspiration from compromising your grip. We also have athletic socks that have the same ability to prevent sweat build-up, which can lead to slippage inside your trainers with consequent blistering.

Push your limits every time with Reebok cross training accessories

We put our many decades of research and experience in working with the world’s elite athletes into our everyday training gear, so you get the benefit of all of it with Reebok cross training accessories. We use a combination of cotton, polyester, nylon and elastane simply to create a single pair of cross training socks. Each material has its own role to play, with the elastane lending a slight compression effect, and the cuffs are ribbed to keep them from sliding down your ankles. All of this allows you to push as hard as you like with complete confidence. Keep one of our all-purpose cross training water bottles with you – a quick access valve and a wide-top mouth will help you hydrate without breaking your routine for too long.

Enhance your cross training gear

With your accessories sorted out, you can head off and grab a few of our dedicated cross training T-shirts, shorts or tights. These all have the same high-performance credentials, such as sweat-wicking fabric construction to help keep you cool and dry and supportive, stretchy fabrics that give a full range of movement. You’ll also find dedicated Reebok trainers for high-intensity sessions, whether you prefer to do it indoors or outdoors.