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Men Combat Black Combat CMG Track SuitMen Combat Black Combat CMG Track Suit

Combat CMG Track Suit

Men Combat

Women Combat Black Combat Striker PantsWomen Combat Black Combat Striker Pants

Combat Striker Pants

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Combat gear built tough enough to test your limits

Get physical and into prime physical condition when you use our combat gear to take your workouts to the next level as you battle your own limitations. Our French terry cloth shorts are cut generously with high side vents for effortless range of motion and seamless comfort, while our tights feature a polyester/elastane blend for a second skin that won’t compromise your flexibility or your sense of fashion. Our combat collection also includes tough tees, sturdy boots and rugged gloves that are built for action inside and outside of the ring.

Reebok combat gear can withstand the gruelling pressure of training and competition

We have collaborated with influential athletes from the combat sports world to design stylish, durable tee shirts, tank tops and sports bras, as part of our Reebok combat gear collection. These items can help you endure those gruelling combat training modules such as boxing and kickboxing. It’s also important to be sure your accessories can stand up to the pressure, which is why our sturdy boxing boots are built to provide excellent balance and support for your sparring and endurance drills, while our durable gloves come in several models for traditional boxing as well as the mixed martial arts variety.

Our combat training gear wins by unanimous decision

Fashion trends being what they are, nothing is really out of bounds when it comes to relaxed urban wear, which is why our combat training gear includes products that are best suited for the gym and others that are perfect for the street. Stadium jackets, full-zip and pullover hoodies along with trackpants and joggers are cool outer wear options if you’re headed to the gym and they make a splendid outfit if you’re headed to fight night at the town hall or the community centre. If you really wish to make a statement, a bold tracksuit is always a winner.