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Les Mills® Beyond the Sweat Bike Shorts

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Workout Ready Compression Briefs

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Boxing shorts for a cool interior and a cool exterior

When you need to deliver effective roundhouse kicks and push kicks you need a pair of shorts that are designed to help you move freely so that you can target your opponent and maximise your kicking power. To help you accomplish this, our boxing shorts profile side vents to promote a greater degree of movement in any direction and a high waistband for a snug fit that remains in place when you spring into action. Our famous Speedwick technology bolsters your shorts with properties to absorb your sweat and maintain a cool interior, while their attractive looks allow you to maintain a cool exterior.

Reebok boxing shorts make you compete like a legitimate contender

From traditional boxing to kickboxing, our Reebok boxing shorts are primed to deliver performance whether you are performing sparring drills in the gym or competing against a legitimate contender in the ring. Mid-thigh shorts are highly recommended for the more exotic forms of pugilism like Thai boxing and the popular mixed martial arts, while the traditional knee high shorts are favoured by practitioners of all other forms of the sport. Regardless of your preferred option, whether you lace up your gloves or secure the wrist strap, our shorts are ready for action at any time, day or night.

Great shorts. Great gloves. Great boots

Don’t let your boxing shorts down by employing accessories that are not ready for the spotlight. If great shorts help you to maximise your kicking power, then an equally proficient pair of gloves are necessary so you can maximise your punching power. This is where our classic boxing gloves for traditional boxing, as well as padded half gloves for mixed martial arts, can help you go the distance and raise your arms in victory. Great shorts and gloves shouldn’t be without great shoes and once again our boxing boots are primed to keep you solidly on your feet round after round.