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Versatile backpacks and duffels are unique combat bags

Adopting the right attitude is crucial to achieving your weight loss or training goals and you can begin that process by having the right bag to carry all your essential workout items. We offer products including large, roomy duffels with hand grips and shoulder strap that feature a unique storage compartment to hold your wet clothes after training and large inside pockets to hold your other personal effects. Alternatively, you can choose a versatile backpack that also features an interior mesh bag for your post-workout clothes and trainers with front and side zip pockets for storing small items.

Reebok combat bags are tough, spacious and dependable

Have bag, will travel. Whether you are travelling to the gym, to your friend’s house or spending the weekend at a country cottage, it’s reassuring to know that your Reebok combat bag is tough enough to handle the weight and spacious enough to accommodate all your belongings. Our polyester backpacks can easily handle all your workout gear including your boxing gloves, skip rope and your water bottle too, but when you need to travel for away fixtures or just to get away for a few days, the duffel bag is just the trick for extra uniforms and bits of team gear or your street clothes and shoes.

Accessorise your combat bag with other essential workout products

Combat bags are part of an array of holdalls and other workout-related items like training belts, wrist straps, and light dumbbells that you can find in the accessories section of the Reebok online outlet, which can be beneficial to your performance when you exercise and can all fit inside of your combat bag too. Other products in this category include exercise mats and gym balls that can help you perform an assortment of floor routines for indoor training. There are also various hats, caps, gloves, sunglasses and socks, which are necessary for outdoor training in most types of weather.