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Perform at your peak in HIIT Clothing

While you’re pushing your body to the max during high-intensity interval training (HIIT), Speedwick technology moves moisture away from your skin to keep you dry and comfortable. The HIIT clothing collection is made from sweat-wicking jersey material that will ensure you stay cool while your workouts heat up. Now you can focus on your reps and not your gym wear.

Your HIIT kit works as hard as you do

You want to maximise your performance in the gym. HIIT clothing allows you to rise to the challenge by providing comfort and support in the areas you need it most. From slim-cut T-shirts to compression-fit leggings, you’ll be able to move your body effortlessly through those push-ups and kettlebell swings. Additional elements, such as side vents along hems, and side slits on shorts further facilitate a range of motion in your arms and legs. The stretchy cotton fabric of the HIIT kit is soft against your skin to prevent chafing, while mesh vents and perforated details allow for breathability when you’re burning off the calories every minute.

Athletes choose HIIT clothes

Whether you’re doing weight training, a Zumba class, or simply sweating it out on a stationary bike, HIIT clothing will ensure a comfortable fit to allow for maximum flexibility and full support. From your warm-ups right through to your post-workout stretches, you need not worry about the track pants or shorts riding up, or the leggings pulling too tight in the middle of squats and burpees. Combine the HIIT clothing range with Reebok HITT shoes for stability and balance during high-intensity workouts. They are designed with mesh uppers and a pillow around the collar for an ultra-comfortable fit, as well as a flexible outsole for great traction on the gym floor. Top gear for top performers.