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Classic Leather Trainers


Accentuate your collective style with Reebok classic leather trainers

When it comes to your family,only the very best shoes will suffice, and Reebok classic leather trainers are more than impressive enough to exceed most expectations. There is a classic leather shoe for men and boys,featuring a blue and red vector adorned white leather option,while the women'sand girls'versions are available in solid colours. If you prefer, there is a unisex option of the Classic Leather RC 1.0 model, so you can all present a united front to cheer on your favourite footie team or simply to show some family solidarity when lounging at home.

Reebok classic leather trainers set the standard for the entire family

Make sure your kids put their best foot forward at primary or secondary school in a pair of Reebok classic leather shoes, such as the Classic Leather model, which offers muted colours and styles that should adequately compliment their school uniforms. Others, like the Classic Leather Melted Metals women’s trainer, offer equal parts panache and performance for afterwork activities, while the Classic Leather MU is smart enough to garner guys a few high fives from their mates while enjoying a game of snooker or a jog in the park.

Enjoy your everyday activities wearing Reebok classic leather vintage

If the family that plays together stays together, then make sure each member is properly attired from the ground up in Reebok classic leather vintage shoes. Several models offer flat soled trainers suitable for group excursions in the city, as well as more rugged soles better suited to more athletic endeavours like running, and come in various colour schemes and materials from all-leather to suede and nylon blends, featuring updates on the original classic design. In addition, there are also solid coloured options that are ideal for the rigours of the workplace or the classroom.