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Cardi B · Shoes


Walk the extra mile in Reebok’s Cardi B shoes

A shoe for every taste – and especially if you like the style of American rap queen Cardi B. In collaboration with the music star, we present you an assortment of our products that have been validated by her and bring a little glam to your wardrobe. Vintage sneakers radiate a sense of the past while sporting the benefits of the future with a lightweight midsole for extra cushioning and high-abrasion rubber outsoles for enhanced grip. A zest of colour and extravagance is brought to you by our trekking-inspired Cardi B shoes, which instantly give your wardrobe a fashionable touch.

Ramp up your colour scheme with trainers inspired by Cardi B

Anyone who has heard of and loves the vivacious singer knows she isn’t afraid of colours – and neither are we. Reebok’s Cardi B-inspired trekking trainers line amazes with an array of different colours and state-of-the-art shoe technology, sporting foam sockliners for additional comfort and midsoles that provide optimal cushioning. The broad, stacked rubber outsole doesn’t just provide extra stability for your ankles, but creates a style reminiscent of the 90s. If the many colours make matching your shoes to your wardrobe too hard, you can always opt for the more humble single-colour versions.

The Cardi B vintage shoe style goes well with anything

Reebok offers a range of cool shoes in our Cardi B section, but vintage sticks out as particularly prominent and these shoes’ versatility and practicality may be the reason why. Soft leather adapts to your feet and the low-profile outsoles add more elegance and sophistication to your athletic look. You can still enjoy high-quality benefits like padded foam sockliners and a low-cut design to allow for more ankle flexibility. Our vintage-inspired trainers combine effortless style with comfort, and fit perfectly with our Cardi B clothing line. Create your individual style with jersey skirts, crop tops and more, all of which go well with our trainers.