Cardi B · Clothing


Reebok’s Cardi B clothing line makes you look like a star

The American rap star has found her appetite for Reebok, and with many Cardi B clothing products available you too can assemble your individual star style. Casual crop tops spice up any everyday look but also go well over your sports bra and our gym leggings. With high quality in everything we feature, from snug hoodies to athletic skirts, you’ll find the perfect partner for your daily workout, as well as a casual companion for athleisure purposes.

Dress head to toe in cool clothes inspired by Cardi B

Comfort, style and star qualities go hand in hand in our products. Our classic leggings give women a tailored and athletic look that’s reminiscent of the 90s era. Though vintage in looks, the technology is up-to-date with a recycled polyester blend for convenient stretchiness and interlocked fabric. You can match the leggings with one of our Cardi B-inspired sports bras that provide support, look cool and feature mesh insertions for optimal ventilation and fewer sweat stains. But these clothes can do more than just create the ultimate workout style. Our casual crop tops provide an instant athletic look but match with a pair of jeans just as well as with workout leggings. Made entirely of soft cotton, comfort and fashion are effortlessly combined.

Give the 90s a revival with your Cardi B style

There are many products in our Cardi B range, but girls of the 90s will love the throwback look you can achieve with items like our jersey skirts. A slim fit promises a flattering line, while the cool cuts and designs guarantee an athletic touch. Drawcords at the waistband give you the jogger’s feeling and provide adjustability for your figure. Alternatively, to go the full runner’s mile, you also have a choice of traditional 90s-inspired track pants that are both snug and practical. With a blend of cotton and polyester fleece, they soothe your skin like hardly any other material combination.