Bum Bag


Keep all your essentials close with Reebok’s bum bags

Bum bags haven’t always been the most stylish item, but now there are few bags that combine practicality and coolness to such an extent. We feature an array of different-sized Reebok bum bags that adapt to your individual needs and keep your hands free for the more important things in life. If your workout takes you outside and you want to store your phone, keys, tissues, headphones and other small items on the run, these bum bags will be your best friend. Equipped with comfortable and adjustable waistbands, they create a customisable fit for everyone.

Store smaller and bigger items in Reebok’s waist bags

From absolute minimalists to the ones who need a little extra space – our bags can help you out. If you prefer a lightweight bag that can still contain the bare essentials, our smallest no-frills bags are the ideal choice. One zip compartment keeps all your little items safe and close at hand, perfect for a run when you don’t want any additional weight dragging you down. However, it doesn’t have to be absolutely minimalistic. Reebok also creates bags that walk the thin line between being a manageable size and providing extra space. Other waist bags have additional small compartments that can keep your belongings apart – which is particularly helpful when you want to separate liquids from technical devices.

The Reebok bum bag – stylish and practical

Made of soft polyester or nylon weaves, our bum bags will make you think they aren’t even there. Some feature additional side padding to reduce chafing and give extra support around your waist. Those who prefer athletic and edgy designs won’t be disappointed with our waist bags that sport the Reebok logo and come in neutral colours. But style is individual, meaning we also make waist bags in softer nude tones and slimmer designs. These are a particularly good choice when you want to carry your bag during workouts or city trips. You can also find a pair of matching comfortable trainers that keep your fitness levels up for a long time.