Bucket Hats


Reebok’s bucket hats keep off the sun in style

We welcome the sun in summer, but our faces do need to be well protected. Fortunately, there’s hardly a more stylish way to do that than with our bucket hats. Giving you the ultimate retro edge, these hats aren’t just handy but make a cool fashion statement as well. They can protect your face for more laid-back activities like fishing, but are also a great accessory for hiking, trail running or even to go underneath your bicycle helmet. We create these trendy head coverings for both women and men, including extra-large sizes if you prefer a little more headspace.

Reebok hats keep your head cool when the temperature rises

Initially inspired by tropical hats worn in the 1960s, the bucket hat’s main purpose is still to keep your head cool. Our hats are made from a nylon weave that sits lightly and softly on the head without itching. In order to keep you feeling level-headed at all times, we’ve included small eyelets for additional ventilation and breathability. On the rim of the hat you’ll find the Reebok logo, giving it an edgy and athletic look. You can even wear your hat for a run and enjoy an incredibly high coolness factor.

Match Reebok headgear with your sportswear

Available in different colours, you can match your bucket hat to your existing sportswear without any problems. The cool retro sunhat looks great with a pair of jeans and a top, but equally stylish worn with your sports gear. Both men and women will find a broad range of high-quality products that complete their look from head to toe. Our trainers come in all possible designs and shapes to help create the casual or more athletic look you’re going for. With our hoodies and jackets you can also equip yourself for cooler temperatures or adventures that take you up in the mountains, while our athleisure wear effortlessly combines athleticism with casual cool.