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Be braced for all terrains with our brown trainers

Elegance, a reduced style and practicality all fuse together in Reebok’s brown trainers. Made to give you the ultimate outdoor experience, our shoes adapt effortlessly to various terrains and are easily kept clean as their colour blends in with the environment. But anyone who thinks of brown as a bland colour has yet to discover our brown shoe line, where other colours are interspersed to create cool designs that match any sports gear you have. Interweaving bold colours like orange, blue or purple, these shoes are far from your usual brown sneaker.

Climb the mountain with ease in Reebok’s brown shoe line

Adventurers who enjoy going out on the trail will find the perfect combination of style and high-quality design in our brown trainers. Practicality lies in the simplicity of the design where dirt is less visible on the uppers and exterior. In addition, you can expect a cool layered style that suggests robustness and grit. Your feet will enjoy stability and additional grip thanks to the rubber outsoles that are hexagonally shaped in some of our designs. To make them even more durable, the profiles of our trail shoes are particularly deep, so even challenging terrain should feel like a walk in the park. For those who want extra cushioning or include jumps in their outdoor routine, trail shoes with an extra midsole are the perfect choice.

A sleek look for every day awaits with brown Reebok trainers

Not everyone goes the full mile every day or even enjoys trail running, but we also create sleeker designs that blend easily into a workout routine or everyday life. Our more classic designs feature leather applications for more elegance, as well as a more aerodynamic and slimmer shape. If you find yourself in between super athletic and extra casual, you can opt for our shoes with rippled outsoles but fewer layers in the exterior design. These shoes also match with our more casual attire like hoodies and jackets – the perfect choices to complete your look.