Brown · Shoes


Brown Reebok shoes are perfect companions for the outdoors

Going back to basics with style is pretty easy in our brown Reebok shoes. Ranging from true-grit trail shoes to stylish casual choices, you can adapt them to your individual preferences and lifestyle – though they all have solid quality and brown elements in common. Mixed materials individualise your personal style, and extras like cushioning midsoles and enhanced grip ensure your feet stay safe regardless of the terrain. Available for both women and men, everyone can get equipped with the right footwear.

Enjoy grip, support and style with Reebok’s shoe line in brown

Why is brown such a good colour for trail shoes? Well, dirt residue is harder to track when your shoes are predominantly brown. If you like exploring the untouched outdoors, you’ll especially like our trail shoes that sport a layered look and robust exterior. With a deep profile and rubber outsoles, grip is massively increased to face up to any surface. A textile upper blends perfectly with the design and elastic laces make sure your feet can’t slip out. Some of our trail shoes also feature a soft midsole for extra cushioning, as well as a hexagonal outsole to provide even more stability.

Add a pinch of vintage to your brown footwear from Reebok

We don’t just feature brown shoes for hard-core trail fans – there are also plenty of options available for more casual wear. Our shoes with a sleeker look and lower cut resemble early designs and add a little vintage vibe to your everyday style. Full-grain leather makes them look even more sophisticated, making them the ideal shoes for a walk but also a meet-up with friends. The flatter soles give more edge to your style and make the shoe look less sporty, while the rubber outsoles still provide ample grip and stability. Both the trail-inspired line and the casual shoes can be easily matched with the rest of our assortment, so you may also want to check out our loungewear and jackets to complete your look.