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Classic boys’ backpacks will never go out of style

From recreational backpacks to training backpacks, Reebok has your kids sorted. These bags are built for the gym as much as for the classroom. They feature multiple zip-closure pockets and straps with carefully designed padding to make sure that fatigue doesn't set in when your young ones are out there doing strenuous activity. They're also perfect for taking sports clothes to school for practice in the afternoons – you can pack in everything they need for sports from martial arts classes to a football session.

Reebok boys’ backpacks are ultra-versatile

These boys’ backpacks also make excellent hiking accessories. Built to be roomy enough to fit in more than just the essentials, this coincidentally means that your young hikers-in-training will be able to heft a decent weight around to build stamina for future trail hiking. Essentials needed for being out in the wild can be stored for easy access in convenient side mesh pockets, so water bottles and sustaining snacks always remain within easy reach to prevent any dips in blood sugar level or dehydration. Internally, you'll find a smart configuration of compartments and pockets to help your kids keep everything neatly organised. The shell is made from full polyester, and there is an inner lining of polyethylane to protect the contents.

You boy's backpack will be a constant sporting companion

It doesn't matter which team your kid supports, what sport he plays or which colours are his favourites – you'll easily be able to buy a Reebok junior training backpack that will match his kit and young fashion sense. He'll always be able to show off his Reebok logo proudly as well. Colours and designs are different, depending on what he'll need the bag for. Some models are built to take football kit, while others are more suited to slightly bulkier clothing. In all cases, they'll make your life as a parent that much easier too.