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Fitness & Training Black Les Mills® Bomber JacketFitness & Training Black Les Mills® Bomber Jacket

Les Mills® Bomber Jacket

Fitness & Training

The classic bomber jacket will never go out of style

Nothing completes a sports training outfit like the perfect Reebok bomber jacket. It affords excellent protection from the elements when you're out training in winter, and our reversible ones give you two for one when it comes to matching them up with your other cold-weather training gear. Light padding simultaneously protects you from cooler temperatures and allows you to move freely, no matter how strenuous the outdoor sport you're playing or whether you’ve decided to get in some sprints in your neighbourhood. Superb insulation also provides a very effective windbreaker effect, giving you a supremely versatile item of sportswear.

Reebok bomber jackets combine traditional style with modern technology

You'll get a lot of mileage out of your bomber jacket. The above-mentioned reversible capabilities are combined with plenty of other useful features. The jackets have a relaxed fit, although they're not loose enough to snag on anything while you're training. You'll be able to fit everything from essentials to cold hands in the pockets that are deep enough to keep everything secure, and when you need some protection form the wind or rain you can benefit from models with an adjustable hood secured by a high-quality drawcord.

The perfect bomber jacket from Reebok

The sky's the limit when it comes to other sports apparel that you can combine with your jacket. It’s so versatile that you can wear it over football or field hockey kit while you're training, go trail running in it, take it on long-distance hikes or even go for a gruelling cross-country skiing trek. No matter what outfit you're wearing for your favourite sport, this will become a reliable companion for any athletic person. You can easily find matching tracksuit bottoms that will perfectly complement your brand new Reebok jacket as well.