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The perfect blue trainers for the dedicated sportsperson

No matter what your training needs – whether you're a dedicated early morning pavement pounder, a fastidious aerobics enthusiast, or even a serious weightlifter – we have the right sports shoe for you. Reebok's long history of dedicated research and development allows us to offer you the very latest in shock absorption technology, combined with orthotic-capable sock-liners and breathable uppers made from the most advanced textiles and synthetic materials. The soles have been constructed to be extra durable, with strategically placed support cushioning that has been carefully designed to meet the particular needs of your sport or training regime.

Reebok trainers that will support you on the road and under the dumbbell

If you like to combine a hard-charging training attitude with a sense of style and you've been on the lookout for the perfect pair of blue trainers, have a peek at the wide range on offer here. Runners will benefit from all the high-tech features we've crammed into our state-of-the-art footwear, which will not only give you additional support when you're training hard, but also go a long way towards keeping your feet in good shape mile after mile. If you're wanting dependable, non-slip gym trainers, we have those too. Their smoother profiles and simpler designs are exactly what you need on a Pilates mat or when you're trying to get in that extra set of squats.

Your classic blue Reebok trainers will fit right in

Our trainer designs are as imaginative and versatile as always, with our hallmark contrasting side stripes in a prominent position whether you choose a comfortable and supple suede running shoe for light indoor work or a more heavy-duty leather workout shoe with extra cross-band support. No matter what your chosen use, they're beautifully designed to complement your other sportswear. You can pick up a gym T-shirt or some matching training shorts while you're at it, too.