Blue · Sweatpants


Work out or relax in blue sweatpants by Reebok

Whether you’re going to the gym to work out, cooling down after your exercise session or just chilling out with friends, Reebok has a range of blue sweatpants designed specially with you in mind. Made in various different styles from slim fit to regular fit with a straight-leg design, these blue sweatpants have been created using modern sports technologies and materials such as French terry cotton to keep you warm as you’re relaxing. As an alternative, 100% polyester will help the sweat drain away as you work out.

Blue joggers by Reebok keep you warm while you train

One of the most important things to remember when working out is to keep yourself warm both before and after exercise. Injuries and muscle strain can result from not wearing appropriate clothes during your warm-up and cool-down sessions, but the Reebok range of blue joggers has been designed to ensure your muscles stay warm at all times. Choose a pair of sweatpants with tapered, slim-fit legs and an elasticated ankle cuff that keeps out the cold air as you walk to and from the gym. Alternatively, opt for a pair of blue joggers designed in material made from a polyester/cotton/elastane mix – these will give you the freedom to perform a wide range of workout manoeuvres from squats to lunges and on to stretches at the end of the high-energy period. The slim-fit styles will keep the warmth in as you stretch out your muscles.

Reebok sweatpants: a trendy and stylish way to relax in comfort

The blue sweatpants range from Reebok not only works for those of you who want to exercise but also features easy-to wear styles to add that sporty look to your casual wardrobe. Why not pair your soft 100% French terry sweatpants with some Reebok trainers, or finish off your outfit with a front-zipped track jacket or hoodie by Reebok? Offering total versatility, you can make your sweatpants work for you.