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/ March 2020
Lisa Buco, Reebok Editorial

Stay Fit While You're Working From Home-No Equipment Required

When a looming deadline drives you into a working-from-home lockdown or if you’re practicing self-imposed social distancing, these home workouts get you off the couch and keep you moving.

Working from home is a pretty desirable position to be in – the flexibility of taking a conference call in your pj’s while avoiding a clogged morning commute is a charmed reality. But isolation at home presents a whole new set of challenges, and being cooped up may actually introduce more chaos into your day. All that sitting at home is bound to make you antsy, it can affect your posture and studies show it can increase anxiety. It is also easy to peer behind that laptop in your favorite pair of sweats and forget what they were originally intended for: working out. But if you don’t have a home gym or a trainer that makes house calls, how do you get that heart rate up? 
Boston-based CrossFit Seminar Staff Coach Joe Masley encourages people to get creative to make sure that you’re keeping up with their fitness. “Think outside the box and use whatever you have at your disposal to improve your fitness. Pretend that there’s somebody else next to you and just work as hard as you can in the space that you’re given.”  
If you’re struggling to stay sane and kick that lazy, locked-in feeling, HIIT instructor and personal trainer Jenn Ogonowsky suggests some good tunes. “If you make a good playlist and you have music that pumps you up and gets you in the zone, you can do a workout in your room and feel just as pumped up as you would in the gym,” she says.
Perfect for isolation (and no gym equipment necessary), you can access home workouts that cover all the bases - whether you’re into functional training, HIIT or yoga. Masley, together with Ogonowsky and yoga instructor Lena Rakijian, designed three home workout programs specifically adapted for your living room. “Some of the hardest workouts I’ve ever done involve no equipment and just your own body weight,” says Ogonowsky.  
Now that you’re armed with some tunes and motivation from these top fitness instructors, it’s time to break free from your couch’s grip, carve out some space, and sweat it out with these three home workouts. 


12 Minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)
10 Burpees
10 Sit Ups
10 Air Squats
20 Push Ups
20 Hollow Rocks
Hollow Rocks.gif
20 Pistols (alternating legs)


20 seconds working, 10 second break for each of the following movements:
Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats-4.gif
High Plank Hold, left hand behind back
High Plank Hold-Left.gif

Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats-4.gif
High Plank Hold, right hand behind back
High Plank Hold-Right.gif

Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats-4.gif
High Plank Hold, left hand behind back
High Plank Hold-Left.gif

Jumping Squats

Jumping Squats-4.gif
High Plank Hold, right hand behind back

High Plank Hold-Right.gif
Bonus 1-Minute Challenge: Leg Drops (add a pillow between legs as a scale)

Leg Drops.gif
With the challenge included, the above combination – known as a “tabata set” takes five minutes. Repeat this tabata set from the start three more times – so four tabata sets in total – for a 20-minute workout.



3 Legged Downward Dog: Inhale reach right leg up towards the sky. Firmly press both hands into the mat with equal sensation so the shoulders are square with your mat. Root down through your left heel and reach up through the heel of the right foot. Roll the right inner thigh skyward and hug the outer hips in.
Low Lunge: Inhale as you step your right foot in between your hands, drop your back knee down and untuck your back toes. Reach both arms up towards the sky, lift the low ribs up away from your pelvis. Lunge forward so your right knee tracks over your right ankle. Draw your right hip slightly back and your left hip slightly forward.
Pyramid Pose: On an exhale, lift the back knee off the mat and straighten the front leg as you fold your upper body over the front leg. Draw the right hip back and the left hip forward to square the hips and create sensation in your right hamstring. Relax the head and the neck.
Revolved Lunge: On an inhale re-bend your right knee, place your left hand on the met and sweep the right arm open towards the sky for a simple twist. Back leg is long and strong, firm the quad to lift the knee cap up. Feel your left ribs rotate towards your right inner thigh. On your inhale, lengthen  your spine. On exhale, revolve your heart skyward and gaze up towards your right hand.
Prasarita: (wide legged forward fold) Walk your hands down the left side of your mat and find a wide legged fold with your heels slightly out and your toes slightly in. Relax your head and neck, shift your weight slightly forward so your hips align with your ankles.
Warrior II: Step your right foot forward into your runner’s lunge, spin your left heel down to the mat, reach your left arm forward raise your torso with both arms parallel to the mat, palms facing down. Align the arch of your back foot with the heel of your front foot. Turn the back toes slightly inward and make sure the front knee tracks over the ankle.
Reverse Warrior: From Warrior II, reach the right arm up and over by your right ear. Feel your side body lengthen.
Side Angle:Reach the right forearm to the right thigh and reach the left arm and over by your left ear.
Stretch from your left heel through your left fingertips; lengthen the left side body. Turn your head to gaze up at your left arm. Release your right shoulder away from your ear. Spiral the left pinky finger inward to feel for the external rotation of the left shoulder.
Sweep the left arm up over by your left year. Bring both hands to the front of the mat, step back for downward dog. Repeat on the left side of the body.
/ March 2020
Lisa Buco, Reebok Editorial
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