Running / June 2020

Follow in the Footsteps - Running

A study of fitness and training across the world

Athletes are defined, not just by where they are, but where they’re from. We’ve studied the best locations to be an amateur runner and where to go pro in the discipline.

Runners Around the World

To succeed you must be willing to train whenever, and wherever. Whether it’s a track, a trail, or a marathon, these are some of the best places on earth to train as an amateur, and the countries that boast about their success on the professional stage. 



Analysing amateur and professional running data, we’ve been able to determine some of the world’s fitness hotspots. Each country was measured against a series of metrics including the number of track & trail events, the number of marathons, the average marathon time in every country, the number of gyms per 10km squared in each country’s most populated city, and the number of Olympic medals gained in athletic and endurance events.

Please enquire for further information on the countries and how the data above was collected.

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Running / June 2020