Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom

Why Lil Yachty is Bringing the '90s Back With The Aztrek

Hip hop artist Lil Yachty may have been born in the late ‘90s, but that doesn’t mean the resurgence of ‘90s style trends is lost on him.

And when it comes to one trend in particular—the ‘90s chunky “dad sneaker”—Yachty is leading the charge with Reebok Classic’s re-released Aztrek.

The Aztrek originally launched in 1993. As an innovative running sneaker ahead of its time, it was instantly considered a pioneer in the space. Now, the unique design is being brought back for those looking to express themselves through style.

“I’m a big fan of ‘90s fashion simply because I love colors,” says Lil Yachty. 

With an authentic vibe and classic look, the Aztrek is a contemporary take on a retro silhouette blending the ‘90s of then and the versatility of now.

With the ‘90s as the last true era of individuality before social media and the internet took over, Lil Yachty says he loves the idea that this throwback type of thinking and style is coming back.

“In the 90s you had more free will, people were more comfortable with being themselves. Nowadays everybody wants to do what’s hot, but I feel like back then people genuinely just had their own style. It was like they were creating something new.” 

What attracts him to the ‘90s is that it represented confidence and allowed you to use fashion to be daring and to speak to who you are.  It’s a way of thinking he’s adopted with his style.

“They didn’t have the internet to reference to go look at the decade before them, they were just doing what they thought was cool. I like that.”

Much like track jackets, overalls, and snap backs, running shoes from the ‘90s are returning in a big way, and according to Lil Yachty and he’s here for it all.

But the trend he’s into currently?

“One of my staple pieces is definitely my white sunglasses.” 

While the Aztrek was an iconic silhouette of the ‘90s, Lil Yachty is also making his way into becoming an icon in the music industry. He’s achieved high volumes of success at such a young age he’s turning into a classic artist in his own right and taking a different path than expected.

“I didn’t purposely try to come in to hip hop and grab a different color paint and change the walls. It was just me being myself,” he says.

The Aztrek may have had its time in the ‘90s, but the time is now for the sneaker to go beyond what it was created for and to be worn as a style must-have. 

It’s about feeling empowered to push out of your style comfort zone and being willing to try something old, that’s now new again.

“Being daring, to me, means being courageous,” he says. “To be daring is to be willing, to be bold.”

To find Lil Yachty’s look click here.

Style / October 2018
Danielle Rines, Global Newsroom