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/ February 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom

Is Your Presidential Candidate Fit to Lead?

Ahead of Super Tuesday, presidential hopefuls are being challenged to a new type of running.

If any of the Super Tuesday candidates can complete a one-mile run in 10 minutes or less, Reebok will donate $50,000 to a health-related charity of their choice.

Pure and simple. No strings attached.

For decades , fitness has been key to the role of the presidency. Former president Bill Clinton famously introduced running clothes into the Oval Office after one of his jogs. Former president George W. Bush championed his “My Sharona”-inspired cycling playlist to reporters, and president Obama is often caught shooting hoops at community outreach events.

What will the next crop of presidential hopefuls bring to the most powerful job in the free world? We’re hoping whatever it is it includes lots of sweat.

As the home of fitness, Reebok believes there’s an essential mental, physical and social transformation that occurs through exercise.

And that’s something science has abundantly proven. In fact, in 2014 more than 1,600 papers were published analyzing exercise’s effect on the mind and the verdict was abundantly clear: Presidential hopefuls should run, not walk, to their lockers.

And it’s proven that different types of physical activity can provide different and dramatic benefits to the brain. Science shows that a proportional relationship exists between the intensity and complexity of our exercise and the amount of benefit to the brain. In essence, a better more rigorous workout builds a better, more rigorous brain.

And a better brain can’t hurt when you’re on the global stage.

Think your candidate is #FitToLead? Ask them to prove it with a one-mile run by using the hashtag #FittoLead.

/ February 2016
Blair Hammond, Senior Manager, Global Newsroom
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