Black pants for yoga


Perform at your best with black yoga pants by Reebok

When it comes to your yoga class, one of the most important things is your ability to move freely, and Reebok understands this perfectly. This selection of black yoga pants has been designed with your exercising needs in mind, giving your muscles optimal support while ensuring flexibility, so you can stretch in freedom. Having a well-designed pair of yoga pants doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your own style, which is why you can choose from a selection that includes short pants, 7/8 styles and full coverage leggings, picking between classic full black tights or a pair with fun patterns that add a bit of movement.

Optimal performance starts with good design for black yoga leggings

Reebok has designed each pair of black yoga leggings to help enhance your performance while keeping you comfortable throughout your class. This is done by incorporating special technologies and characteristics, such as the inclusion of half cuffs to ensure your tights stay put around the ankle, as well as flatlock seams to reduce the risk of chafing and keep you moving assertively. Styles constructed using sweat-wicking fabric will keep you dry as your exercise heats up, and pairs designed with a high waist construction will give you a better fit and increased confidence.

Complement your yoga outfit with the Reebok collection

Your yoga outfit starts with the right pair of black yoga pants, but choosing the right yoga top is just as important, and Reebok has a selection of supportive options, including crop tops and t-shirts. Don’t forget to pick a towel to help you stay dry throughout your exercise session, a Reebok water bottle so you can stay hydrated and a Reebok bag that will help you carry all your accessories in comfort to and from class.