Black · Walking · Shoes


Make every step count with these black walking shoes 

When you're working out, whether you're hitting the gym or climbing the trail, you want to be sure that you've got all the support you really need. That's where these black walking shoes come in. With a lugged sole that offers a tight, confident grip on the ground and lightweight cushioning that gives them a barely-there feel, these walking shoes allow you to keep your mind on your workout every step of the way.

The right Reebok walking shoes give your workout look a style boost

Just because you're getting a serious workout, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't want to look great. These black walking shoes not only offer you all the comfort and support that you could possibly want, they do so while looking great. Taking influence from Reebok's classic style and melding it with a modern, sleek silhouette, these shoes find that ideal balance between feeling great on the trail and looking great when you're out and about, all without sacrificing the robust construction that ensures they last mile after mile.

From the high-street to the trail, make sure your outfit is as versatile as your walking shoes

A versatile outfit is essential when you're living a hectic life, and you're constantly juggling a thousand different things. A woven jacket allows you to protect yourself from the elements while still maintaining a sleek style crafted in a slim fit that brings a touch of contemporary street style to every workout. Even something simple like a pair of training tights can offset their durable and flexible construction with bold, contrasting colours that help you show off your sense of style no matter what you're doing throughout the day. In your entire wardrobe, the key is to find the perfect balance of fashion and function.