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Fashionable black flip flops for effortless summer footwear

Fashionable summer footwear doesn’t get more ubiquitous than the flip flop, so when you need to give your feet a break from trainers and the like, there is a selection of black flip flops available at our online store that raise the bar on traditional styles for durability and aesthetics at very affordable prices. Give your feet a glamorous look when you slip on a pair of sliders made with synthetic uppers that sport our iconic name and vector logo or you can opt for rubberised, waterproofed flips with specially constructed heels for men and women for a uniquely customised fit.

For locker rooms, pools and the beach: Reebok black flip flops

If you want quality footwear that allows for maximum breathability and is effortless to enter and exit, there is truly nothing better than Reebok black flip flops. Pack a pair in your gym bag for locker room wear after workouts and since they dry quickly, you can have a shower at the gym before you head out. Their attractive looks and lightweight construction also make them perfect for the swimming pool, sauna and keeping the sand off your feet at the beach, and you can also enjoy a casual stroll on the street and at the park on a summer’s evening or weekend.

Black Reebok sliders for a casual summer stroll

Black Reebok sliders remove all the fuss and worry regarding casual footwear during the lazy, hazy days of summer and make a splendid addition to your warm weather wardrobe. Combine them with other summer essentials like sunglasses, caps, backpacks and tote bags, which can be found in the accessories department of our online outlet, and for those who prefer to wear them with socks, you can find those in various lengths as well. Browse our clothing catalogue to discover snappy tees and brightly coloured tanks along snazzy shorts and tights that will make your day at the beach or park an adventuresome one.