Black · Dance · Shoes


Black dance shoes with innovative pivot points for graceful movement

Dance fans and enthusiasts longing for the perfect trainer that provides arch support, velvet comfort and breathability will be overjoyed to hear that Reebok has combined all these essential elements to create black dance shoes that will rejuvenate your floor routines and make your feet rejoice. Textile and synthetic uppers stretch to increase foot flexibility when you need it and feature innovative pivot points on the outsole to accommodate effortless motion in all directions. FuelFoam padding in the midsole keeps your movements balanced and fluid, while heel and tongue pulls make the shoes easy to put on and take off.

Every dancefloor is a canvas for black dance trainers

Constructed to reduce the weight on your feet, our black dance trainers allow you to jump, lunge and pirouette with style and grace, and the lightweight construction is just what you need when you want to replicate slick sequences that require quick-step motion. Unburdened, your happy feet will inject some sizzle into your Zumba classes allowing you to perform the way you’ve always dreamed: with passion, energy and desire. The unique pivot points we’ve installed have turned our shoes into works of design art which you can use to paint your own canvases on any dancefloor, inside or outside the studio.

Reebok black dance shoes help bring dreams to reality

In no time at all, you’ll be eagerly anticipating your Zumba classes, knowing that each time you step onto the floor your Reebok black dance shoes will be there to support you as you bring your dance dreams to reality. And to keep you looking great while you dance, we have sports bras, leggings, tanks, tees and bodysuits, as well as headbands and caps to keep the sweat and hair out of your eyes, plus our totes and backpacks are perfect for carrying your gym kit.