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Beanies that will keep you warm in winter

Head out for your daily run in confidence, no matter the season, thanks to this selection of beanies by Reebok that will help keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop. Whether you are after a discreetly coloured beanie that easily matches your exercise gear or prefer to make your headgear the star of your outfit thanks to loud colours and designs, this selection has just the beanie for you. Go for a style with a fold up cuff if you prefer a classic look and a snug fit, or a style without the cuff if you prefer a sleek and more modern looking beanie.

Comfort and style in every Reebok beanie

One of the most important characteristics to consider when choosing a beanie is the time of the year that you plan on wearing it. If you’re after some mild protection in the slightly cool autumn and spring weather, then a cotton beanie will protect you and keep you comfortable, whereas a wool beanie is perfect for those cold winter days and will give you the right level of warmth. When designing a beanie for use when exercising, it is also important to ensure its stability, and this is achieved through the use of fabric with a ribbed texture which ensures it will stay put with every step.

Beanies by Reebok that will keep you protected

Wearing one of the beanies from this Reebok selection will give you the right level of protection and, in turn, confidence to perform better. For complete support when exercising in winter, look for a pair of Reebok gloves that will warm up your hands even in the coldest temperatures, while Reebok jackets are available in a variety of styles and can offer the adequate level of warmth no matter the season.