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Reebok bags that suit your every need

Whether you’re heading to the gym for a training session, to the swimming pool for some laps or for a yoga class, this selection of Reebok bags has a variety of styles that suit your specific needs. Choose a duffel bag if you need a style large enough for your exercise gear, a backpack if you’re after a versatile and practical bag that leaves your hands free during your commute, a waist bag if you want a light and easy style that you can throw around your waist while you go for a run, or a drawstring bag that can be easily opened and closed and is perfect if you’re often on the go.

Optimal bag designs by Reebok ensuring maximum comfort

Each one of these bags has been designed to offer you optimal comfort. Adjustable and padded straps will protect your shoulders and back by relieving stress while ensuring the perfect fit for your bag, and if you want to protect your belongings look for a style with an extra flap on top or TPE coating for durability against the rough weather. And for a practical style, look for a bag equipped with pockets both inside or out, which will enable you to divide your gear for easy reach.

Mix and match your Reebok bag

You’ll be able to choose your favourite bag from a large variety of available colours and patterns, and you’ll easily be able to match it with your favourite Reebok outfit and trainers to show off your personal style. Complement your bag with some additional accessories such as a Reebok water bottle that can be stored in a dedicated pocket, a Reebok cap for protection from the sun, and Reebok sunglasses that will keep your eyes safe and complete your look.