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Classics White Aztrek DoubleClassics White Aztrek Double

Aztrek Double


Reebok Aztrek trainers reintroduce retro styling with exciting upgrades

Reebok introduces you to a revamped model of its seminal off-road 1993 Aztrek trainer. Part of an expanded Aztrek line of athletic footwear for you and the entire family, it incorporates classic styling with modern touches. While the original retains its Hexalite padding and monochrome finish, other models such as the Aztrek 96 take it further with an aerodynamic shape and thick midsole. The upgraded Reebok Aztrek 96 Adventure features bold colouring and increased traction, with an EVA midsole for enhanced comfort and durability when you need to set your personal best.

Imaginative colour schemes and durability define Reebok Aztrek trainers

The ruggedly built Double Mix Trail model is an Aztrek trainer designed for women, sporting rubber grips that beg to be tested on the most demanding terrains where trail runners thrive. Its companion, the Double Nu Pops model, is another reimagined women’s Reebok classic trainer featuring the signature extra-thick midsole. Playful colour schemes mean it fares just as well on the tough asphalt streets of any modern metropolis. Not to be outdone, the Aztrek X model recalls the pedigree of the classic Reebok running shoe and is custom-designed in classic and boys’ editions.

25th anniversary Reebok Aztrek shoe invigorates the brand

The Reebok Aztrek shoe collection celebrated the 25th anniversary of the iconic trainer with a series of exciting models. Expertly blending the vintage style of the original with structural enhancements and retooled colour schemes, they can only invigorate your trainer collection. Several models are specifically designed and built for off-road activities, but others are readily compatible with the rigours of an urban environment. You can combine them with sport or leisure apparel from the Reebok '90s Roots collection to create refreshingly modern wardrobe choices whether you’re athletically inclined or simply urban cool.