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Girls Running Pink Reebok Almotio 5.0 ShoesGirls Running Pink Reebok Almotio 5.0 Shoes

Reebok Almotio 5.0 Shoes

Girls Running

Reebok’s Almotio line equips kids with the ideal pair of trainers

Building a tree house on one day, running out and about with friends on the next, and on the third we climb trees – children are always on the move and Reebok’s Almotio shoe line gives them the grip and support their little ankles and feet need. Available in different designs and colours, every boy and girl can choose the footwear of his or her liking, and parents can rest assured that high quality aids growing feet as they explore the world.

Experience safety and stability with kids’ shoes from our Almotio line

Shoes for children definitely need to be able to endure plenty of strain, so the Almotio designs come well-equipped. Synthetic uppers with mesh inlets provide a firm grip around the foot while also allowing air flow in to prevent sweating and slipping inside the shoe. The padded midsole helps the foot bounce off to reduce injury when your child runs around with his or her friends. Come rain, come shine, your child’s shoe needs to function on plenty of terrain and under different weather conditions, but with the extra traction provided by rubber outsoles, your child is ready to take on anything in the outdoors.

A Reebok shoe for every growing phase of your child

Our needs and preferences change over time, and children’s needs alter even more drastically as they continue growing over the years. For little feet and fingers, we feature Almotio shoes for girls and boys with hoop-and-loop closure straps, so small hands don’t need to fumble with laces and interrupt playtime. As your child grows older, they can swap their tiny shoes for sleek trainers with laces and more daring designs, both for girls and boys. Some designs even come with multi-coloured soles to give the outfit the pinch of coolness it deserves.